Greetings ..


  • Name: Najla Rashid Al-Rumaihi.
  • Nationality: Saudi.
  • Date of Birth: 8th of Oct. 1989
  • Email: najla.ru@gmail.com
  • Job: Teacher Assistant at University of Dammam, Department of Product Design.
  • Currently: Student at Manchester Metropolitan University, Ma/MSc Product Design.


  • University: University of Dammam, Bachelor of  Science in Interior Architect
  • Collage: Architecture and Planning
  • Year of  Graduation: 2013


  • 3D-Max program for Designing.
  • Auto-CAD 2D & 3D program.
  • Photoshop program for rendering.
  • Microsoft Excel for calculating Project managements.


  • Volunteer in teaching at Islamic Education Foundation.
  • Volunteer in teaching Art at Khadija bint Khuwaylid School in summer, 2009.
  • Chosen to help managing orphanage trip to D.U. sea in 2011.
  • Volunteer in the Third Scientific Conference at Al-Khobar 2012.
  • Volunteer with the media committee in Sustainability through Biomimicry Conference 2012.
  • Volunteer in Interior Designing and supervising the seminar World Assembly of Muslim Youth for Women 2013.
  • Chosen to design and supervision the University of Dammam’s Booth in Riyadh for The International Exhibition & Conference on Higher Education “Group Work” 2013.
  • Providing a proposal for University of Dammam’s Booth in Riyadh for The International Exhibition & Conference on Higher Education “Group Work” 2014.
  • Participated in organizing “Ejad” the First Exhibition for College of Design at the Meridian Hotel in Al-Khobar and Being at the Media Committee 2014.
  • Chosen to design the University of Dammam’s printing Stationary 2014.
  • Redesigning and organizing the lobby of the Deanship of Academic Development in University of Dammam 2014.
  • Participated in organizing International seminar “Heritage conservation in the Middle East” at Holiday in Hotel in Al-Khobar and being at the Media Committee 2014.
  • Participated in Organizing the Career forum at Dhahran International exhibitions by University of Dammam and Being at the Media Committee 2014.
  • Deliver a lecture on the Al-Shatie neighborhood centre entitled “re beauty your bedroom” 7614.
  • Volunteer in organizing The Creativity workshops Each Wednesday (2014) at College of Design (Group Work).
  • Cooperated to design The Hall of The 35th Graduation ceremony (2014) at the green sport hall , Designing Committee.
  • Designing Al-Qimam’s exhibition booth for Al-Nourain Club at the University (2015).
  • Designing the rotor for Al-Turki’s Tower (2015).


This blog represent, document and reflect all the activities undertaken during the post graduate studies, under Ma/MSc Product Design at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK.

Best Regards,