Market Research

Think Local, Act Global

While the number of those productive families is growing, they became widely known and wanted by foreign visitors, but their selling’s are deteriorating due to the repetitive productivity and the return does not cover the capital, the cost of rough material and manufacturing. Therefore, I started to build the business plan according to what was their income when they were selling simple products and how it is going to be an advantageous for them If they used their skill, the material and developed the product to cover a new market that can be globally distributed.


1.      Supply Chain:


The journey of the supply chain shapes the value of the product itself, it is palpable that they define and embodiment the reward and succession factor, placing joy to the   farmer who grow the plant, to the weaver when he finalizes each piece, as well as the consumer who bought the quality of time and experience a pleasure when it is placed interiorly inside his home. Similarly, Peter Korn in his book ‘‘why we make things and why it matters’’ expresses how pleasurable he was when he observes the response of others who bought his products.


2.      BCG Matrix:


The recent products they produce are considered now as cash cows, where it has a low market share and low market growth rate. As the product being planned to be published online, this new market is considered as the question mark, where I want it to be a star in future. As a start, it is difficult to grow a positive cash flow and a great market share where the market is very attractive. Therefore, I need to invest more to build a strong position in the market and in advertisements.



3. Defining the scope:  Levels of segmentation



1. The Mass Market:

Think Global, Act Local

(worldwide) Selling online

(websites and phone applications)

2. Segment Market:

Convenience stores, Commercial and Residential.




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