Susan Hefuna


Cairotraces, 2017.  Palmwood structure, personal shot.  Withworth Gallery, Manchester

I went to the withworth gallery and met the great masterpieces designed by Heafun using palmwood. Her analysis of the Mashrabias and abstracting the details and returning them to their base, the point and the line was what distinguishes her sculptures. Her work addresses some of the most potent issues of our time: migration, movement and sensations of separation. Specifically, the series of palmwood structures, inspired by boxes seen on the streets of Hefuna’s native Cairo. What I found interesting is how the structure is gathered without using any adhesives, and how it is tight and strong where it cannot be moved or fall down. This as a result led me to think of using willow to adopt the same concept of construction but in a different way. And I resulted in several outcomes but was not satisfied with because I wanted to hold the materiality of the craft itself, keeping the idea pure and clear.

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