Concept Development

I started to think of making a symbolic sculpture, represent the Arabian Peninsula, and how the raise in temperature make you feel like you are melting



It is not a finalized solved product, but this is a quick render, a simulation to approximate the idea only. After searching I found a very similar concept, woven glass pendant light, provided by designer glass mosaics. Afterward, and by mastering the skill personally, I started to experiment different types of methods, such as twining, fetching and plaiting. I also adopted a new method of weaving, which is twisting the leaves around the willows, and that led as well to different ideas some worked really well and others did not. With this experience of working with a collaborator, I learned to engage personally with the specialized craftsmen and be aware with the level of control with the subcontractors, how much communication and freedom they will have, as well as sensing what works aesthetically and practically and what will not. Although the professions would like to express themselves, I had to give parameters, as I thought to have an organic shape that is tricky to repeat it, but allowing consistency will prevent uncomfortable, incompatible outcome.

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