All the way from Asia to Europe:

Shipping the material from the eastern Reagan (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) to Greater Manchester (The United Kingdom)



Why did I take this step instead of going back and work with the basket weavers back there?

Embracing new challenges and experimentation has the power to exploit the full potentials of this existing material. In order to contribute producing a product that is more outside the box, I decided to import the material all the way from the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia to Manchester in the United Kingdom. This is because the crafted women in Saudi Arabia are nearly between 60-80 years old, and no one wanted to collaborate in producing an innovative outcome, thinking that it is going to be difficult, before even trying. Another reason is that I would like to work with the material within a different vision, handing it to a person who have not tried it before, in my opinion, will lead to extreme the boundaries of what is in there in the market, to end up with revealing prospects, a new technique, a new product.

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