Final Major Project Learning Agreement (First Draft)

key aspects:

  • Introduce new craftsmen’s vision of luxury, sustainable, individual, decorative, hand-built and functional lighting units, inspired by the Arabic Culture.

Design Brief: (Adapting history and tradition to modern needs)

To design a pendant light (retail product) that develops productive families instead of being dependent on society and holds Arabs identity through the combination of the traditional weaving techniques and the use of the geometric patterns on the traditional Badu tents for a unique, valuable outcome.

The problem: is that those productive families are growing, they became widely known and wanted by foreign visitors, but their selling’s are deteriorating due to the repetitive productivity and the return does not cover the capital, therefore, my ambition is to develop a more functional product, more useful and widen their abilities to be opened to a new different market. Exploring in keeping the material itself and the process as well, but producing a new product is what I aim to.


On the left: woollen textile craftsmanship (Sadu sewing), on the right: basket weaving using palm tree leaves

­   Design Methodology:

1.      Research & Discovery (Plan): Through researching I will built up a brief reading list I aim to use and learn from, and through the process of designing I will research, observe, understand and analyse.

2.      Interpretation

3.      Sketches and Ideation (Prototype)

4.      Experimentation: combining to materials together and using the weaving techniques.

5.      Evolution

6.      Come to a conclusion

­   Focus: Developing Productive families instead of being dependent on society

·        Stakeholders: Customer segments (the scope are art collectors and wealthy customers wishing for the newest products in the market)

­   Marketing Strategy (7p’s Marketing mix)

·        The B2B Transaction Theory: Directly to retailors and selling through distributors.

·        Willing to sell in famous artistic retail stores such as Ferrious in the United Kingdom and Desert Designs in Saudi Arabia.

­   Ma Learning Outcomes:

  • Theoretical and creative ambition
  • Exploration of materials (originality)
  • Learning new skills and techniques (weaving)
  • Emphasise the Value of Craftsmanship

­   Intend to Submit:

  • Theoretical research (philosophy, concept description & brief)
  • Sketch   ideation / sketch models
  • Technical feasibility and manufacturing / materials
  • Cost (Marketplace)
  • Cad   model rendered sales poster
  • Final PowerPoint presentation and visuals
  • Final refined cad both technical and appearance
  • 3d model to support   the cad finalisation visuals

­   External Professional Collaborative Partner:

1.      Claire Norcross:

·        T: +44 (0) 785 540 8268

·        E:

·        W:

2.      Jane Blease:

·        T: +44 (0) 7754 908 447

·        E:

·        W:

3.      Kasia Mackowiak

·        T: –

·        E:

·        W:




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