Emotional Lighting

[ Lightings affects people’s mood ]


Light, as intangible photonic phenomena also induces emotional feelings in people. The quality of light in a room is often an influencing factor when people appraise the environment.

researchers are looking into electric lighting solutions that mimic the feeling of daylight and several lighting solutions have been developed to re-create the pleasant feeling of a blue sky view and sunny daylight indoors, including the virtual skylight ‘Blue-sky’ by Philips

Source: (Mason, J. Aliakseyeu , D. Meerbeek ,B., 2014)



Designers started to realize the important of the past and took those elements to transform them in a modern way

Modern lightings inspired from the classic movement

(1) Neverending Glory The Met Pendant

Designed by Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus for Lasvit

(2) Bourgie Lamp


Source: https://www.aliexpress.com/item-img/Modern-brief-iron-birdcage-pendant-light-classic-combination-of-restaurant-lamp-hybrid-type-stair-pendant-light/650398785.html

Mille Bolle by Slamp


Changing the type of lighting only from cold to hot affected on the resulted mood that the light represent.


“Childhood memory, playing, the thrill of a soap bubble…interpreted by designer Adriano Rachele in a collection of iridescent lamps that seem to be fluttering in the air. They fit perfectly to enrich with charm even the most straight architectures, thanks to their reflection and refraction effects.”




The beauty of those lightings allows the designers to modify different types of geometric shapes, to produce unique sculptural pieces.

Mandala No.1

Source: https://www.architonic.com/en/product/willowlamp-mandala-study-no-1/1190785

Inspired by Islamic patterns, translated into various dimensions through the extrusion of the complex interlocking geometry.

Made from laser cut stainless steel frames, chrome plated or lacquered solid brass components, ball chain in several optional finishes.

This giant light sculpture would truly be a sight to behold in any building. Created by Willow lamp, the South African company based in Cape Town

The light effects, why it is important

“Home lighting was mostly simple on/off control of a 60 watt lamp and when the need arose for more emotional lighting people would light a few candles. However, with the advent of the LED and connected lighting that can offer color and high quality warm and cool white light, there is the potential for people to benefit from more advanced lighting applications that can enhance and support their lives” (Mason, J. Aliakseyeu , D. Meerbeek ,B., 2014)

The light effects

“There is a growing need to explore more into how different light qualities make people feel. Can artificial light be designed in such a way that it can change the way a person feels or the emotions they can feel? “

The Lightings in Ramadan



Going back to the old days and experience the nostalgia of my favorite month of the year had its own oriental flair. That festive feeling, decorating our home with traditional lamps and other Ramadan decorations.

Personal brief


To design a light unit inspired from the traditional Cultural elements using the geometric patterns from Andalusia and the nostalgia of the festive feel on the holy month, By studying the link between lights and emotions.


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