CUTE: Case Studies

The main problem is that the communities overview on riding bicycles in Saudi Arabia is lacking due to the misunderstanding that it is for children and labours. And from my own perspective I found that people don’t have a place to store their own bicycles or their children’s. as you can see from the chart that about half of the citizens are either living in a small apartment or with their families, especially those who are newly married.

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Picture1Reasons for not biking in Saudi Arabia

So I started to sketch Interior and exterior ideas by considering the customer’s needs and wants.

sketches ext.sketches int.

with in those sketches I started to develop one of them to become the final design.

But before that, and to bare in mind the scale and proportion I’m working with, I went to halfords shop and took some pictures:


I also looked at the kids accessories for bicycle riding:

And at the end, those are different sizes of bikes:



On the other hand, while I was looking through the internet, I was interested with the concept of the canopy:


That gave me an idea of designing a canopy using wood steam bending, where it is sustainable and durable.

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