CUTE: Developing the Concept

After discussing the whole concept and the focus of my project, I started to develop two different methods, either to design an indoor bicycle rack or an out door piece of furniture that is used for bicycles and a place to sit as well.

Initial sketches:

My first idea was to design a mesh that covers the bike and prevent it to get dirty.

sketch book-6sketch book-7



My previous concept was:

(To design an indoor bicycle rack, inspired from the traditional Middle East decorative elements, resulting with a functional and aesthetical storage piece.)

but after questioning and researching I realised that I have to change it to be an outdoor furniture bicycle rack due to the need of it in the market.

(To design an outdoor bicycle shelter, inspired from the traditional Middle East decorative elements, resulting with a functional and aesthetical storage piece.)

Therefor, I aim to Design a shelter that can be used inside or out side.. Separate accessories or belongings

Current Solutions:

All the next solutions are an exterior shelters for bicycles:      



small bent house bike storage:


The next idea is an example of a green product that serve as a plantation and a bicycle storage as well:

CAD Modeling:


Constructed final product:

15 It contains hangers so the user may store personal stuffs in it.

Bike bin locker:


Bike Shel:

Model – Dimensions:

  • 2 Bike – 1.14m wide x 2.2m long x 1.35m high
  • 4 Bike – 1.70m wide x 2.2m long x 1.35m high



  • Attractive curved design.
  • Maintenance free plastic construction.
  • Extra secure – Cover is lockable – for extra security, the bikes can be locked inside to a high strength steel stand
  • Lightweight hinged cover can be opened by children.
  • 2 models: 2 bike & 4 bike.
  • Each bike can be removed individually- no need to
  • take out all bikes at the same time. Internal hooks for helmet storage.
  • Delivered fully assembled – requires only anchor
  • bolting to a concrete base/floor. Choice of colours including recycled plastic(black).

PARKIS – space saving bicycle lift

  • Stylish solution:



I also tried to look for different examples such as the storage places for passengers inside the planes as well as how stores would store their own products.


I had to look for different types of bicycles and the different heights for kids while they are growing up


I also had a look on the measurements for the racks that are now in the market:



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