CUTE: Individual Project Brief

Most people can remember their first bike. Those wheels were probably your first taste of independence and feeling of responsibility taking care of it.


Figure 1: The boys are playing with a traditional toy in Saudi Arabia called “Dihroi”.

In Saudi Arabia, and before bikes where known there, boys tempt to play with a wheel and a stick, that toy was called in Arabic “Dihroi” or “Dihrouj”.



Figure 2: The expected growth in Saudi Arabia

Economic growth and growing population will trigger the need for affordable housing and the movement with renting feasible apartments is increasing. According to the UN population division, only 30% of the Saudi population own homes. The housing market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) continues to expand on the back of high economic growth, favorable population demographics, and increasing urbanization.


Figure 3: Distribution of households by the type of house across regions. (Abdulsalam,A. Elsegaey, I. Khraif, R. AlMutairi, A. 2014; 3: 530)

There is a great demand in renting apartments, especially for those new couples who get married in a young age where they recently started the beginning of the founding of their lives, and couldn’t afford to buy or build their own house.

So, my target market is:

  • Single Male
  • Single Female
  • Married Couple Only
  • Married Couple with Children
  • Single Parent

Living in a small apartment  (with Limited spaces)


Figure 4: An example of a small apartment

The three key areas of focus:



Figure 5: My key areas of focus

So, most of the parents who live in small apartments tempt to face some difficulties in storing their kids and even their own bicycles safely and securely. While searching I realized that there are 5 common places people are using for storing cleverly, and most of it is an unused dead space.

  1. Under the Stairs



Figure 6: Examples for storing the bicycles under the stairs.


  1. On the wall

    Wall bicycle storage rack is the next option to choose that will also be the best choice for any of you having a limited floor space to place the bicycle.


Figure 7: Some examples that shows how to store your bike beside or on the wall


  1. Suspended from the Ceiling


Figure 8: Different ideas of hanging the bicycles on the ceiling


4. Bicycle Shelf


Figure 9: Some examples for different bicycle shelves


5. Piece of furniture


Figure 10: Different ideas for pieces of furniture that holds the bike

My aim is to transform the purely functional racks to an aesthetic piece (with Personal Identity)


To design an indoor bicycle rack, inspired from the traditional Middle East decorative elements, resulting with a functional and aesthetical storage piece.


  • Cost: Affordable
  • Size: Universal, two different sizes for adults and children’s.
  • Function: To hold and store the bicycle safely and practicly.
  • Environment: Indoor (Living room, Hallways, children’s bedroom)


  • Aesthetic: Varity of materials, colours.
  • Function: Feasible to clean, simple to apply, Personal customization.


My Influence and inspiration is:

1. Calligraphy


Figure 11: examples in applying calligraphy as a piece of art in 3D

2. Arabesque


Figure 12: examples of applying arabesques in furniture

  1. Sadu


Figure 13: Traditional vintage motive


Figure 14: Applying the Sadu motive by simplifying it.





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