CUTE: 3S Urban Bicycle Project

In Cute Values for Product Design, we were asked to design and develop an innovative product or products based on one or more of the 3 key areas of focus for urban cycling today. Safety, Security, Storage (3S)

There for, I started to analyse three different persona’s as an individual study for the user needs and wants  to be a foundation for my project, leading to the development of the inspiration. And an introduction to my research into the Urban Bicycle Project.

“Personas are fictitious characters created in User-Centered Design to symbolize the different user types that might purchase or use a particular product, system, or brand.” (Heaton, 2017)


First Persona:

Persona - Business man

Figure 1: First persona proposal, personal design.

James is a professional businessman who likes to be punctual and dress well just in case a client needs a impromptu conformance. He uses his bike to go to work as well as going to the gym afterward. He’s impulsive and he wants a durable and high quality bike.

Second Persona:

Persona - Interior Designer

Figure 2: Second persona proposal, personal design.

Sara is an interior design student and willing to open her business as a free lancer after graduation. She uses her bike often for long- distances but she couldn’t manage to pay a lot, there for she wants to have a personalised functional feasible bike and her main concern is safety because she can’t ride it well.

Third Persona:

Persona - Kid

Figure 3: Third persona proposal, personal design.

John is a very dreamy kid who got his bike recently and he uses it to play for one hour a day. Sometimes he likes to go to his school with it if the day is sunny because he likes to copy what his father’s do, while using his bike to go to work. His parents main concern is the security issue and where to store it because they are living in a small apartment.

Among all those three personas, I think I will start to think about designing for “John’s Parents” a place to store their kid’s bike because I am a mother for a 2 years old kid who lives in a small apartment where I face limits in storage places.




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