Prototype Manufacturing and Packaging


After finalizing the drawings, we wanted to create a 1:1 scaled prototype using optimal resources from the university. Preparing the cad files and forwarding them to the laser cutter and the 3D Printer was a new and exciting experience for me, especially getting to interact, sense and play with it. The spinner base, donut, diamond and ball shape were molded using 3D printers, as we were not trained yet to use the wood turning.


The manufacturing process, taken by Ciara.

Then I started developing the packaging, inspired from the element of surprise based on the traditional jack in a box, as well as the wooden dace, where I implement what I learned from the Solid work’s sessions, and prototype it using the laser cutter. We aimed to keep the nostalgia theme by using the wooden raw material with either an engraving upon it or having our poster that wes designed by Phoebe inspired from the Russian Constructivism.



The first packaging proposal, inspired from the traditional jack in a box, and the wooden dace


On the other hand, as our spinner aimed to deteriorate the employee’s stress and would like to increase its value, by targeting the upper middle class consumers, I started designing an elegant packaging, keeping the idea of the wooden box but adding a sliding door to it.


The second proposal for the TOTEM packaging.

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