Final Collaborative Presentation

The first proposal of the spinner

The second proposal




The Final Render

The Prototype


In conclusion, it was suggested to build an adults toy aimed to create a simple, natural, joyful and guilt-free atmosphere. After researching, we found that traditional toys provide moments of joy as adults’ experience feelings associated with childhood. Therefore, we decided to design a spinning top in association with the idea of the jigsaw. As a result, I experimented the use of solid work, read a great number of articles on critical design, natural wood dying, the nostalgia and satisfaction in traditional toys, as well as the brain thinking methodologies. I also looked upon local and global designers and build an enormous exploration especially on local middle east designers. Overall, I built a much confident into product design. In term of experiencing a new digital cad program, I aspire to develop my skills using it and hopefully teach it again to my students back home. In corporation with a great team resulted in a successful outcome is mainly because of the ease in communicating as well as supporting each other and distributing the work so each one knows what to focus and work on. In future, I am looking forward to increase and gain more information on the mass production and manufacturing. Also, to develop my skills using 3ds Max where I faced troubles because of change in the version. I am pleased with the general outcome and the final result and looking forward to further developments.






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