Adult’s Toy!

The major different between a toy and a game is the element of competitiveness, Toys have much more freedom with their rules. as I previously exampled the building blocks.

On the other hand, games are used to be a competitive between two players or more as well as competing your own personally.


We designed 4 main logos that represent what we will consider during designing our toy.

Simplicity, Natural, Joy, Guilt-free



Figure 1: The symbols that represent our missions.


  • We want to create an adult toy, but not as you know it.
  • Simple in both design and function.
  • Inspired by tradition, made from natural resources.
  • Reigniting our child-like innocence of pure joy.
  • A guilt-free experience.


Figure 2: The symbol that represent “implicity.


Is defined as the absence of luxury, ornaments, complexity.

  • Aesthetically simple: using geometric shapes –> increases imagination
  • Functionally clear: having the user to create his own rules.

So, the challenge here, as I said in previous, is in involving both hemispheres (left and right spectrum).




Figure 3: The satisfaction while playing, is when it ends.


Illusion constructing a tower.

  • 18 level tower consists 3 blocks per layer.
  • Each layer stacked Perpendicularly.
  • players build the tower by removing on brick at a time and adding it to the top of the tower
  • When the tower falls, the game ends.




Figure 4: The tangram prototype.


  • It is a dissection puzzle, consists of seven fat shapes called tans, putted together to form a shape.
  • Made of 4 different materials, decorated with geometric ornaments.
  • Object: to form a figure using the tangram pieces.


  1. Develops problem solving.
  2. Logical Thinking skills.
  3. Visual-spatial awareness.
  4. creativity.


  • Simple instructions
  • Easy to understand
  • The challenge is to transform something boring to become a creative and fun activity.


Playing Dominoes with volumes:

Figure 5: An innovative dominoes.

  • Regeneration of the traditional game.
  • Bringing a new dimension to the gameplay.
  • Creating patterns in 3D.
  • The way of playing it various. each number of the dominos are transposed in height.

The new volume of this domino game is changing the original rules. such as constructing game.


novelty IQ wood puzzle:


Figure 6: The novelty IQ wood puzzle.


Inspired from the traditional connect 4 game adding a 3rd dimension to it.




Figure 7: The symbol represent “Natural”.



  • Raw material –> Real texture.
  • Friendly for the environment
  • Durable.
  • Emotional connection: reviving memories of childhood.
  • Encourage Imagination
  • Timeless : wooden toys are trendy.


Natural Dyes:


Figure 8: Examples of applying natural dyes on wood.


  • Great source of natural dyes can be found right in your own backyard.
  • There are no limits.
  • Place the wooden piece in a die bath and keep it there for a whole day.




Figure 9: The quizdoor board game.


  • 2-4 players, abstracts a strategy game.
  • Played on a game board.
  • each player represented by a pown, begins at the center space of one edge of the board.


each player moves his pawn to any place on the opposite side of the game board.

walls can be placed in the grooves that runs between the spaces and they block the path of any pown.


Logiq Tower:

“Logiq Tower™ is a brainteaser extraordinaire. A stacking tower consisting of 15 unique pieces yet with more than 22,000 possible solutions. The goal is to build perfect cylinders around a central column using a combination of unique inner and outer puzzle pieces. Definitely challenging and admittedly addictive.

As you carefully interlock one piece with another, the stroke of genius is but one move away. With 4 different levels, Logiq Tower™ appeals to children, teens and adults.”

Figure 10: an illustration of the Logic Tower.




Figures list:

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