Collaborative project

For the final Presentation, I joined a great group includes Ciara Hall & Phoebe Kowalska. We worked together to combine our design agendas and come up with a conclusion that joins our aims and ideas. Therefore, after meeting together, we started to right down different concepts on what do we aim to achieve at the end. Then, we realised that we agreed on the same anticipation and vision.


IMG_1716 (3).JPG

Figure 1: Our individual aims and Perceptions.

As you can see, a lot of visions is on our minds, so I guess still we need to minimal them to a final conclusion. Finally, we decided to design an adults “toy”. As we all agreed on it to be social, experimental, sensual, physical and creative.

There fore, I’ll be looking on how to exercise and treat or develop your brain as well as how to use natural materials through sustainability.

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